11 best things to do in and around Jensen Beach, Florida

If you’re searching for the lowdown on the best things to do in Jensen Beach, Florida, look no further. This isn’t just another beach town; it’s a coastal paradise packed with surprises. From kicking back on pristine shores to getting your adrenaline pumping with water sports, exploring nature’s hidden gems, or indulging in local flavors, Jensen Beach has something for everyone. 

So, grab your shades, slather on the sunscreen, and let’s dive into the 11 experiences you absolutely can’t miss in this slice of Floridian heaven.

Unveiling the Top 11 Things to Do in Jensen Beach, Florida

Ready to embark on a Jensen Beach adventure that will leave you with a sun-kissed glow and a smile that won’t quit? Here’s the ultimate list of activities, each one a unique thrill, that you simply can’t afford to miss:

1. Herman’s Bay Beach

Herman’s Bay Beach is a true hidden gem, offering a serene escape with its calm, crystal-clear waters reminiscent of a tropical paradise. This peaceful haven is perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquility, as it often boasts only a few fellow beachgoers. While some seaweed may be present on the shore, the experience remains un-marred, and the rock ledges add an element of adventure for those who venture deeper into the water.

The beach offers convenient access with a short stroll from the parking area, enhanced by a boardwalk that leads you directly to the sandy expanse. If you’re looking to explore more of the surrounding area, consider renting a golf cart for a leisurely and eco-friendly way to navigate the local streets. Although amenities like bathrooms and showers are not available at the beach itself, the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere more than compensate for these minor inconveniences.

Address: 7880 S Ocean Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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2. Regal Treasure Coast Mall

Regal Treasure Coast Mall offers a movie experience that goes beyond the ordinary. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the phenomenal picture quality and immersive sound that transports you into the heart of every film. Indulge in the delectable treats at the concession stand, or elevate your experience with the unlimited plan, perfect for avid moviegoers. Whether you’re seeking a heartwarming escape or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, this cinema promises to leave you with cherished memories.

At this theater, comfort and cutting-edge technology seamlessly blend to create an unforgettable cinematic journey. Sink into the plush leather recliners, adjusting them to your perfect position as you anticipate the start of the film. The expansive screens offer crystal-clear visuals, ensuring that every detail comes to life before your eyes. Whether you’re catching the latest blockbuster or revisiting a timeless classic, prepare to be enthralled by the exceptional movie-watching experience that awaits you.

Address: 3290 NW Federal Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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3. Walton Rocks Beach

Walton Rocks Beach is a dog owner’s paradise. This spacious, uncrowded stretch of sand offers ample room for your furry friend to run and play freely with other friendly dogs. The soft sand and beautiful, inviting water create the perfect setting for a day of fun in the sun with your pup.

With convenient amenities like a dog wash station and plenty of parking, Walton Rocks Beach ensures a hassle-free experience. The clear signage and accessible location make it easy to find, while the breathtaking natural beauty of the surroundings provides a picturesque backdrop for your canine adventures. Enjoy the stunning scenery and refreshing ocean breeze as you and your dog create lasting memories together. Consider renting a golf cart. It’s a breezy and convenient way to cruise around Jensen Beach and discover nearby attractions, all while your dog enjoys the ride.

Address: 6700 S Ocean Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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4. Waveland Beach

Escape the crowds and discover the tranquil beauty of Waveland Beach, a hidden gem perfect for a peaceful getaway.  Enjoy the soft sand, gentle waves, and stunning water views without the hustle and bustle of larger beaches. The personal feel and secluded atmosphere make this beach an ideal spot for families and anyone seeking a truly relaxing beach experience.

The beach offers convenient amenities like restrooms, showers, and ample parking.  Take a stroll along the shaded wooden walkway as you admire the natural surroundings. Waveland Beach is also known for its cleanliness and attentive lifeguards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for all. With its welcoming ambiance and picturesque setting, this beach is a must-visit for those looking to unwind and connect with nature.

Address: 10350 S Ocean Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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5. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist offers an amazing way to celebrate special occasions, like anniversaries, or simply enjoy a fun and relaxing activity with your loved ones. With talented instructors who are friendly and patient, you’ll be guided step-by-step through creating your masterpiece. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll have a great time unleashing your creativity and making memories.

At Painting with a Twist, the atmosphere is always filled with laughter and joy. The instructors go above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels special and has an unforgettable experience. They are incredibly patient, even with the most boisterous groups, and make sure to engage everyone in the fun. Kids will especially love the interactive games and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with creating their very own work of art.

Address: 3579 NW Federal Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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6. Conchy Joe’s Seafood

Conchy Joe’s Seafood in Jensen Beach, Florida, offers a delightful dining experience with stunning waterfront views. The menu boasts fresh, flavorful seafood dishes, including the highly recommended Conch Stuffed Shrimp. While slightly upscale in price, the quality of the food and the ambiance make it worth the visit. Gluten-free options are also available, catering to various dietary preferences.

With its lively atmosphere, often accompanied by live music, Conchy Joe’s is a popular spot. The fish tacos come highly recommended, and the basket of warm cornbread and banana bread adds a sweet touch. Although service can sometimes be inconsistent, the overall experience, particularly for the atmosphere and food, is positive. Convenient parking is available across the street, making it an easily accessible option for a memorable meal.

Address: 3945 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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7. Jensen Beach Bowl

Jensen Beach Bowl offers a fantastic atmosphere and top-notch customer service, making it a favorite for both families and groups of friends. Whether you’re planning a date night, a family outing, or a birthday party, this bowling alley caters to all ages and occasions. With its affordable prices and welcoming ambiance, it’s the perfect spot for a fun-filled evening.

The alley also features a vibrant bar scene, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. The lively atmosphere, complete with a great DJ, friendly patrons, and delicious food, makes it a popular gathering place. You’ll find yourself feeling right at home while enjoying the company of others and maybe even trying your hand at karaoke.

Address: 2303 NE Dixie Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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8. Then & Now Gallery Antique Mall

Then & Now Gallery Antique Mall is a treasure trove of unique and vintage finds. The moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a well-organized and inviting atmosphere. The carefully curated selection spans various eras and styles, making it easy to discover that perfect piece to complement your home or collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned antique enthusiast or a casual browser, Then & Now Gallery Antique Mall offers an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist you, and their passion for antiques is evident in every interaction. With its ever-changing inventory and commitment to quality, this charming mall is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking one-of-a-kind treasures.

Address: 3551 Northwest Federal Highway Square One Shopping Center, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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9. Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast

The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast is a delightful destination for families with young children. With a wide variety of interactive exhibits designed to spark curiosity and imagination, kids will have a blast exploring and discovering new things.  Parents will appreciate the museum’s focus on education and play, providing a stimulating environment for children of all ages.

This museum offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor activities to keep children engaged and entertained. From a pirate ship adventure to a charming outdoor play area with slides and climbing structures, there’s something for everyone.  The museum also hosts birthday parties, making it a perfect venue for celebrations and special occasions.

Address: 1707 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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10. Indian Riverside Park

Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, Florida, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. With its diverse offerings, the park caters to a wide range of interests. Stroll or jog along the scenic paved path that winds around the park, or venture onto the boardwalk for a closer look at the fascinating mangrove ecosystem. The park’s dog-friendly policy, clean restrooms, and inviting sandy beach make it an ideal spot for a leisurely day out. Children will delight in the refreshing water fountains and the adjacent children’s museum, offering hours of entertainment.

Whether you seek tranquility amidst nature or a lively gathering with friends, Indian Riverside Park has it all. Picnic pavilions equipped with grills provide the perfect setting for a cookout, while ample parking ensures a hassle-free visit. This free-to-enter park boasts stunning views of the Indian River, creating a picturesque backdrop for any activity. Discover the park’s hidden gems, from the captivating salt marsh to the serene riverfront, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural oasis.

Address: 1707 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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11 Shops at Downtown Jensen

Take a stroll through the heart of Jensen Beach and discover the hidden gem that is the Shops at Downtown Jensen. This charming district boasts a variety of locally owned boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores, each offering a unique shopping experience. Find one-of-a-kind gifts, handcrafted treasures, stylish clothing, and locally made souvenirs.

After a day of exploring the shops, relax at one of the many inviting cafes or restaurants that line the streets. Savor a delicious meal, sip on a refreshing drink, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal town. The Shops at Downtown Jensen is not just a shopping destination; it’s a place to connect with the community, discover local artists, and experience the true essence of Jensen Beach.

Insider Tip

Skip the parking hassle and rent a golf cart! It’s the perfect way to explore multiple beaches, enjoy the scenic coastline, and even bring your furry friend along. Plus, with a golf cart, you can easily pack all your beach gear, snacks, and drinks for a full day of fun in the sun.


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